Jenny Culver

Yoga Instructor

photo of  Jenny Culver

After growing up in the Midwest, we are blessed to call AZ home, now. My professional careers include ORRN, flight attendant for American Airlines, elementary education, and business owner. While I thoroughly enjoyed each of those, I’ve truly found what my soul loves in sharing yoga. After over 20 years of practice, I achieved my certification to teach in 2018. Every practice I’m blessed to guide, I include breath work, strength, balance, flow and stillness ~ all put to music. As a former nurse, proper alignment and safety are important in the sequences I create. From this alignment we’ll find depth, strength & flexibility in our individual bodies. As we flow in vinyasa, hold in yin or even release in restorative, we’ll always have that moment to recognize the pause; the place where breath & movement come together. Real yoga beyond what we can see. More important that what a pose looks like is how it feels for you. I endeavor to help you find that pause & that feeling.
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