First to 50

We are all Sterling Grove neighbors who like to keep active. We keep track of our miles over the period of each month. All done by yourself, on your own time and schedule. “50” is 50km (about 31 miles). You can get those miles almost anyway you want (walking… running… hiking… golfing… treadmill… walking to the C&R for your nightly martini… pickle ball… walking through Costco… whatever). Just no biking, golf cart, or scooter miles (etc). Start date is the 1st of each month. Some of us use this as an accountability group to push ourselves to stay active. Speed and style do NOT matter here, just that you log the miles. Guys and girls are welcome. Some will try to get 50k or more...some might want to shoot for 10. Whatever you do is ok. However, you are welcome to be as competitive as you want. This group will NOT have any meetings or get togethers.

 When you get 50km you’d share through the group's text chain (a screenshot of your app) the mileage. Or just tell us (it’s all honor system). I’d recommend downloading the Nike Run Club app for this too. That’s a good platform for friending each other and sharing mileage. Not necessary though. You can find me the "NRC" app as Blake Anderson.

 Text if interested: 623-640-7423. 

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or call 623-213-7000